TrevStarSwords TrevStarSwords 15 January


According to this wiki, SYNK by Giselle and that other song by Ningning does that mean there are solos or just me?

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Birbfriend Birbfriend 18 December 2020

Aespa Lore

Saw this youtube comment, wanted to paste it here if I needed to reference it for something (also goes super in-depth to aespa's lore). A lot of this hasn't been confirmed by SM (like everyone seems convinced that the animals are a thing? or that the members all have numbers? But SM has said nothing?) anyways, here's this. Full credits to op.


"💗Karina (Yoo JiMin) is the leader of the group, the face of the group, vocalist, main dancer and lead rapper: her symbol is a heart and her spirit animal is a whale. She is Korean.

🌙Giselle (Uchinaga Aeri) is the main rapper and a vocalist: her symbol is the moon and her spirit animal is a unicorn. She is half Japanese and half Korean.

⭐Winter (Kim MinJeong) is a lead dancer, lead vocalist and the vis…

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ARMYandBLINK11 ARMYandBLINK11 10 November 2020


Hi fellow Navis!

I'm ARMYandBLINK11(or just Sophie), and this is a little intro and about me.

I'm a Korean-American, living in America. I have many hobbies including violin, piano, writing, reading, and of course, listening to K-POP!! I have many favorite groups and soloists, both female and male.

Some of my favorite groups are:

  • BTS
  • GFriend
  • TXT
  • ITZY
  • IZ*One

Some of my favorite soloists are:

  • Chungha
  • Hwasa
  • IU

I love aespa (of course)! The girls look like perfect angels, they should all be visuals XD! My bias is Winter, but I also love Karina. I'm almost finished memorizing the members, so I'm hoping I can finish by today or tomorrow. I'm really excited about Black Mamba, and both types of concept photos are amazing (although…

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Milago choi Milago choi 1 November 2020


Ah yes, it's me, Milago Choi!

I write blog posts and all, but i can promise you that when i can finally find a good paper diary to write in (And not a crappy online one), i will be in heaven since i will write in both places! I'm also Admin/Content mod on PURPLE K!SS Wiki, Content mod on IZ*ONE Wiki and i make the most blog posts on either Purple Kiss wiki or K-Pop Wiki. Ok, that's enough with that unnecessary and unneeded introduction!

Apart from all that bla bla i just did, you must be confused by the title of this post, no? Well i was wondering for the strange choice of clothes, for Ningning's reveal photos. I know she is 18, but still! Why does it has to be THIS choice? If you still don't know what the hell i'm even talking about, here i…

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Hectzen Hectzen 26 October 2020

Welcome to the wiki!

Welcome! This is a wiki about Aespa, a new girl group debuting in November 2020. Some of the SM Rookies girls have been confirmed to be in the group. We're currently preparing for their debut, so feel free to help around! There are currently 2 administrators right now, so reach out to them if you need help! We are really happy for them and they've been training for yers, so they deserve it!

We're trying to get as much information as possible. Right now, we have only a few members in the wiki, so we really appreciate your help! Thank you!

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