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iScreaM Vol.10 : Next Level Remixes is the first remix single by aespa. It was released on September 14, 2021 and features three remixes of the song Next Level.

Official description[]

‘iScreaM’ project, aespa ‘Next Level’ remix single released! Join Habstrakt, IMLAY, and Lionclad!

A remix single of aespa's 'Next Level' has been released.

'iScreaM Vol.10 : Next Level Remixes' contains a total of three versions of 'Next Level' remixes in which the famous French bass music producer and DJ Habstrakt, Scream Records producer and DJ IMLAY, and beat maker and producer Lionclad participated.

Habstrakt remixed 'Next Level' into a mid-tempo genre with a strong bass sound and drop based on the dark atmosphere unique to French style, and IMLAY expresses the reversed feeling as the song unfolds with the atmosphere of a space opera, reinterpreted as a mid-tempo genre with Future Garage sound.

In addition, 'Next Level' remixed by Lionclad is reborn as a dreamy and groovy remix song based on a retro textured UK style electronica rhythm, which is enough to feel a different charm from the original song.

'Next Level', released by aespa in May, is a hip-hop dance song featuring a groovy rap and energetic bass riff. As it is receiving a lot of love, such as being ranked at the top of the chart, this remix single is also expected to receive high interest.

On the other hand, 'iScreaM' is a remix sound source project conducted by SM Entertainment's EDM label ScreaM Records.
— Melon; Album Information - iScreaM Vol.10 : Next Level Remixes [1]


  1. "Next Level (Habstrakt Remix)"
  2. "Next Level (IMLAY Remix)"
  3. "Next Level (Lionclad Remix)"





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