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KWANGYA (Hangul: 광야, Gwang-ya) is a word in Korean meaning "wilderness". Wilderness means the wilds, waste, jungle, or desert.[1]

In 'ep1. Black Mamba', KWANGYA is described as an unruled and infinite place located beyond FLAT. The Black Mamba is disrupting the SYNK from here.[2] In 'ep2. Next Level', it is further described as a ruleless, formless, and limitless place where time and space are not defined and everything is constantly changing. It is also where infinite energy and data flow.

A person or an æ can only go to KWANGYA using portals that one like NAVIS can make. When in KWANGYA, one can easily get lost without a guide since it is constantly changing. One must also not covet things belonging from it neither look back.

Songs Where KWANGYA is Mentioned[]

  • Black Mamba
    • In Black Mamba, "넌 광야를 떠돌고 있어" (Neon gwangyareul tteodolgo isseo) is translated as "You wander this KWANGYA". In the song it means 'You wander this unknown world'. In NCT U’s lyrics for their single, titled "90’s Love", "광야를 넘어 더욱 가까이 와" (gwangyareul neomeo deoug gakkai wa) is translated to "Come closer beyond the KWANGYA". In this song, it means to 'Come closer beyond the wilderness or world'.
  • NCT Dream - Hello Future
    • In NCT Dream's song "Hello Future", "온 세상과 저 광야 위로" (on sesanggwa jeo gwangya wiro) is translated to "Over the whole world and KWANGYA".
  • Next Level
    • In the Next Level music video, the coordinates of KWANGYA were revealed (37°32'40.2"N 127°02'40.0"E (37.544500, 127.044444)). These coordinates are the location of S.M. Entertainment's Seoul offices.[3]
  • MAX CHANGMIN - Devil
    • In TVXQ's Changmin's 'Devil', KWANGYA is mentioned ("In the twisted KWANGYA / Walk towards the light"). In the music video, during this lyric, Changmin is seen staring at a beam of light that shines through a large rock. The camera later shifts to an angle through which the viewer is looking at Changmin through a hole, the perspective of where the beam of light would be.