Yoo Ji-min (Hangul: 유지민), also known by her stage name Karina (Hangul: 카리나), is a member of the South Korean girl group aespa.

Career[edit | edit source]

2020: aespa debut[edit | edit source]

On October 27, 2020, S.M. Entertainment revealed Karina as the second member of aespa.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Special Abilities: Halli Galli and picking things up using feet
  • Nicknames: Rina, Karomi
  • Favorite Words: kiyeowo (cute), ppueng, ueng
  • Favorite Color: blue
  • Favorite Season: spring
  • Favorite Animals: cats that act like dogs, tigers, crocodiles, and sharks
  • Favorite Food: donkatsu (pork cutlet), carbonated drinks, jelly, and butter caramel pringles
  • Favorite Movie: Tangled, Frozen
  • First impression of members:
    • Giselle: Giselle: greets her very shyly
    • Winter: "Wow, really small..."
    • Ningning: At first I thought she was an unnie so I spoke to her with honorifics for three weeks.
  • She has a habit of cracking her knuckles.[1]
  • In order to relieve stress, she likes to eat good food, go shopping, and reading in a quiet place.[2]
  • She says her weakness is having bad memory and being shy.[3]
  • The other members voted her as most coward because she gets scared at small sounds.
  • She collects lipsticks and loves giving lipsticks as birthday presents.[4]
  • She wants to learn how to cook, makeup, and producing.[5]
  • She is Catholic, and her name “Karina” came from her baptism name “Katarina”.
    • She wears her rosary ring during important schedules.[6]
  • She likes green tea and barley tea.[7]
  • She does not like Americano because it's too bitter.[8]
  • She was the second member to be revealed.
  • She appeared in Taemin's "Want" music video as a back-up dancer. She also promoted with him.
  • She was confirmed to be a trainee in October 2020, when the company took legal action on malicious rumors about her.
  • Before joining SM Entertainment, Karina trained at the BORN Star Training Center as a Vocalist.
  • Karina got casted through a direct message from a SM recruiter on Instagram. At first she thought it was fake until they sent their business card.
  • Karina was actively doing covers, including English songs and dance covers. She did a cover of Jennie's part in Blackpink's "Boombayah".
  • She starred in the live virtual showcase for Hyundai's Tucson along with Kai of EXO.
  • She has an older sister.
  • She uses the iPhone 11 Pro silver.
  • Her stage name "Karina" was chosen out of several different candidates. Others included 우아/Woo Ah (elegant), Jasmine, 지온/Zeon [9]

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The gallery for Karina is located here.

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