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Next Level is the third digital single by aespa. It was released on May 17, 2021.

"Next Level" is a hip hop dance song with a groovy rap and energetic bass riff. The lyrics also interestingly tell the story of the worldview, which is about the journey to "KWANGYA" to find "Black Mamba" that interfered with the connection between aespa and the avatars.[1]

The song is a remake of a song by the same name from Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw film soundtrack, originally released in 2019.[2]


Concept photos were released on May 7 to May 15. Notably these photos were designed by Bryan Huynh, a photographer who had previously accused S.M. Entertainment of plagiarizing his work for aespa's debut promotional photos.[3] SM Entertainment said the photos provided a futuristic mood in accordance with the concept of the new song.[4] The teaser for the music video was released at midnight on May 16th. A press conference was held for the release on May 17th at 11 am KST.

aespa had their first V Live called 'Next Level of aespa' which was held on May 17th at 8 pm KST. During the V Live they talked about their new song and hosted a variety of events/segments.

On May 20th, aespa's first performance stage was released at 6 pm KST. The first performance stage used dynamic camerawork and highlighted aespa's visuals and performance. The second performance stage was released on the 25th and the third was on the 27th. In total, three performance stages showcasing various concepts were released. They began promoting on music shows on May 28th at Music Bank and ended on June 5 at Music Core.

As a way to celebrate reaching 100 million views a special dance practice was released on June 19th.






Chart Performance[]

Weekly charts[]

Weekly chart performance for "Next Level"
Chart (2021) Peak Position
Global 200 (Billboard) 65
Japan (Japan Hot 100) 77
Singapore (RIAS) 23
South Korea (Gaon) 2
South Korea (K-pop Hot 100) 2
US World Digital Song Sales (Billboard) 3

Monthly charts[]

Monthly chart performance for "Next Level"
Chart (2021) Position
South Korea (Gaon) 2
South Korea (K-pop Hot 100) 2


The gallery for Next Level is located here.



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